I, Mrs. Rathika, The Coordinator of K.G. Block have been in VMJ for 26 years. A set of fifteen teachers constitute this K.G. Block. We build a structure of knowledge and skills. The play way method and the Montessori method of learning is incorporated. The children who enter the Block at the age of 3 are taught to think, talk, read and write in English. The students are exposed to story and educational CDs, do project work, go for field trips, celebrate all the important festivals.

Education is a building process and the structure of knowledge and skill in the child’s minds.

I am Elsa Wool ridge working in VMJ for the past 19 years handling LKG and a Montessori trained teacher. We follow the Montessori play-way method. The children learn to study through many playful activities. They are the clay and we are the potter who shapes the child’s character. They learn to feel touch, read and write and enjoy all the activities taught to them.

I, Mrs. Sharmila, have 11 years experience. The children are taught with Montessori equipment in the play way method. So they easily comprehend the concepts whatever is taught. They are motivated, directed & encouraged in all the extracurricular & creative activities. In turn I too have gained immense knowledge which I can’t deny. We inculcate the habit of reading newspaper at the earliest in them.

From a small seed to a mighty acorn, VMJ Hr. Sec. School has grown tall, mighty & strong. I feel proud to work here for the past four years. We are not only imparting academic knowledge but also instigation in the young minds a sense of curiosity, firm moral beliefs, ideals and a value based life. The children are encouraged to go beyond their Text books by doing many creativity activities. The children learn with pleasure and zeal.